Shelving Systems

Our shelving systems are all industrial standard, approved, quality products.
Manufactured in the UK & the EU for consistency and conformity.
EN, FEM & SEMA approved designs, for safe use in the workplace.
Shelving to meet modern safety & design standards.
All featured systems are built to provide many years of storage service to all industrial, commercial & educational sectors.

Heavy Duty Longspan shelving systems for storing manually handled large, bulky,heavy,items.
All steel Boltless Shelving systems: steel shelving in galvanised or powder coated finishes for
office shelving, stores shelving, warehouse shelving, parts storage and more.

We also have a large range of bolt-free, general purpose, economic shelving systems with steel or chipboard shelf choices
as well as traditional bolted systems such as
Slotted Angle, Industrial Angle Post Shelving and Dexion type Shelving.

Longspan heavy duty shelving for non palletised, manually handled bulky loads.
A very cost effective versatile storage shelving for all types of goods.
Longspan, widespan, and minipal shelving: ideal for tyre racking, archive storage, heavy & bulky items.
Our best selling AR Sistemas range is available in bay widths from 900 mm wide up to 2700 mm wide, and in various heights and depths.
Supplied with a choice of decking materials: chipboard, plywood, melamine or for ultimate strength with steel or mesh panels.
As a leading supplier we offer Longspan shelving systems from AR Sistemas, Minipal Shelving and the latest products from Meta.
Quality Shelving delivered & installed throughout the UK & Europe.


Boltless Shelving
all steel, multi purpose shelving,
euro shelving, parts shelving, unirack shelving

Shelving units for light to medium duty loads and where a steel shelf is preferred.
Durable, galvanised finish, easy to wipe clean, EU manufactured, compliant, quality, shelving systems for
warehouse-storage,auto parts stores,hospitals, schools, commercial offices, aerospace, defence and industrial premises.
Easy to self assemble or use our fitting service for larger projects.
Tyre Racking, Garment Storage, Archive Storage shelving, Medical Records Storage, Automotive Parts shelving,
Healthcare Shelving, Mobile shelving, we have the shelving solution for you.
Versatile,steel, commercial quality shelving, in a range of heights, depths, short spans and longer width sizes
to suit your specific shelving requirements. Please contact us for further details on 01892 506892.


Light to Medium Duty & Office Shelving

Quality, adjustable shelving systems for the office and stores.
Light to medium duty loads, all available with shelf dividers, side cladding, dust plinths and
many other shelving accessories,

Shelving for all commercial & educational purposes;
Office shelving, store rooms, filing applications, medical records, archives and more.
Shelving can also be installed as
mobile shelving units
to maximise storage density


Contact us today on 01892 256007 to discuss your shelving requirements.
We offer a wide range of premium shelving products at affordable prices,
quality, approved systems that guarantee peace of mind in todays workplace.
Simple starter bays to multi level, multi bay applications.