Pallet Racking Protection
Column Guards - Steel Safety Barriers for the workplace:

Having invested money into your new warehouse pallet racking system, you probably want to protect your investment from future damage ?
We supply and fit heavy duty safety barriers, racking & column guards in steel and heavy duty plastic to protect racking and shelving systems
in vulnerable storage areas, where they are subject to impact damage from fork lift trucks, pallet trucks and other vehicles.

Two sided column guards in heavy duty steel to protect corner frames on racking systems.
Three sided steel column guards to protect each rack upright from damage.
Column guards for pallet racking systems.
Guards for building and mezzanine floor columns in steel or heavy duty plastic.
Rack end barrier kits to cover each end of a pallet racking system.
Plastic rack guards for quick and easy DIY installation.

Safeguard your racking system and your personnel now !
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Rack Guard metal rack protectors Steel Corner Protector

Steel safety barriers made to order or available in standard sizes to protect staff, property, racking areas, in stores and warehouse environments.

Single rail, twin rail, rectangular hollow sections, tubular steel and armco barriers to suit the needs of your premises.
Parking Posts
Safety Barriers
Rack End Protection Guards & Barriers

Safety Barriers

Steel Barriers to protect the ends of pallet racking systems, available in standard heights and lengths or made to your own measurements.
Heavy duty steel guards and barriers powder coated in high visibility colours or extra durable galvanised finishes.
Barriers and bumpers supplied for internal warehouse & property use or external premises and locations.
We can also offer a full fitting service on the above products.
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Protect Its - Versatile Racking Protection - you can install yourself

For economy from a rack protector you can fit yourself, with no need for specialist fitters to replace them when damaged.
We offer a choice of durable heavy duty plastic rack guards, available to fit and protect most leading makes of pallet racking.
Easy to fit, cheap to replace, just provide the quantity, plus the size of racking upright and we can deliver direct to your premises.

These heavy duty polyethylene rack protectors can be doubled up to extend the height covered on racking posts,
they are also available as larger guards to protect expensive building and mezzanine floor columns.
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Protect It