Shelf Bins

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Shelf Bins are the ideal solution for storing parts, loose items and components on shelves.

Storage tray’s designed for storing small parts and other piece goods with maximum storage density and ease of access when used on modern shelving systems, or as free standing parts storage bins.

Economical, versatile, shelving bins available in a wide range of sizes to suit all shelving formats.

Four widths and depths and two heights.

A popular selling, durable, recyclable polypropylene storage tray at a cost effective price.
Blue is the colour supplied as standard, with optional colours of green, red, yellow and ESD versions also available to choose from.

Useful accessories: shelf bins can also be divided with transparent dividers to form compartments within each storage tray.
Label holders and labels can be added to enhance your own identification systems.
Back stops can be fitted to prevent shelf bins coming away from the shelf.

Tough plastic construction to withstand the rigours of daily industrial usage.

Open top design enables quick visual checks of stocks and easy picking of small parts and items.

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Choose from four mm shelf tray depths

  • 300

  • 400

  • 500

  • 600

95mm is the standard height for all Shelf Bin sizes with an extra high 150mm version also available for the 240mm wide shelf bins.

95mm high Dividers available in sizes
90 w
120 w
180 w
240 w

Choose from four mm shelf tray widths

  • 90

  • 120

  • 180

  • 240

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