Shelf Bins Maximum Storage for Small Parts of all Types

Shelf Bins

Versatile small parts storage from our great value range of Shelf Bins.
Shelf Bins and Storage Trays in a selection of colours, designed to store small, loose and fiddly components and can be used
with shelving systems, storage cabinets and parts storage areas.

Open topped design for easy order picking.
Designed for maximum storage density on each shelf level.
Environmentally friendly recyclable storage bins.

Parts Bins for Storage Shelving in four different depths to suit contemporary shelving sizes:
Two tray heights: either 95 or 150mm high
Four storage bin widths to suit popular metric shelving systems.
90,120,180 and 240mm.

Choose from popular Blue, plus Red, Green or Yellow.
ESD versions also available.

Shelf bins can be divided and organised into sectors within each shelf bin ,using the compatible clear dividers and label holder accessories.
Detachable Bin stops can also be added to prevent storage bins being pulled from the shelf accidentally.
Fast deliveries on standard sizes.
Shelf Bins can also be supplied complete with bolt-less steel shelving systems, using the award winning
multi-plus shelving systems featured elsewhere on this site.

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Durable, economical Shelf Bins: the popular parts storage solution.

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