Mpm Traffic Barriers

The Worlds Only Adjustable Barrier System

MPM Warehouse Traffic Barriers

Warehouse and Traffic Barriers using the unique LINK features from Mpm
External and Internal applications can benefit from this innovative rage of Safety Barriers available through Systems Design

Here's just a selection of workplace Traffic Barriers available, contact us for a complete catalogue,
featuring more warehouse barriers plus the full spectrum of Mpm protection products for the U.K.

Heights from 500mm up to 1100mm

Link design provides the ability to set the horizontal rails to your preferred positions

External corners can be installed with all featured barriers from the Link system.

Flexible heavy duty impact protection throughout the workplace

LM - Modular Traffic Barriers with Reflex Technology

Suitable for protection against heavy loads from Fork Lifts


Mono-rail HD Link Barrier in 500mm or 800mm high versions
750mm to 2000mm modules in 250mm increments
Optional rail positioning - modular design
Easy installation and zero maintenance


Super strong safety barrier in height options of either 500mm or 800mm
Extra resilient with the worlds only adjustable double rail design
Modular sizes from just 400mm up to 2000mm in length
Sized in 250mm increments to suit all traffic barrier applications
LINK LM Safety Barriers -MPM

LINK 150/3

Taller triple rail safety barrier for an even larger range of protection duties,
Each rail with the same adjustability as found on the Link LM and Link Single versions.
Modular horizontal barrier lengths range from 500mm to 2m to enable unlimited run lengths.
Height 1100mm


Hilti floor fixings are included free of charge with all Link series safety barriers