Widespan Shelving

The perfect solution for larger goods, manually stored

Widespan Shelving Solutions

Equip your warehouse with efficient and versatile storage solutions using our wide span shelving systems. Designed to cater to various storage needs, our wide span shelving is ideal for both heavy-duty and light-duty applications, providing the perfect balance between durability and accessibility.

Widespan Shelving WS3000
The WS3000 series is the premium option in wide span shelving, engineered for maximum strength and stability. Here are some of the key features:

**Heavy-Duty Load Capacity**: Each shelf in the WS3000 series can handle significant weight, making it suitable for storing bulky and heavy items.
**Adjustable Shelving**: Shelves can be easily adjusted to accommodate items of different sizes, offering flexibility for your evolving storage needs.
**Robust Construction**: Made from high-quality materials, the WS3000 ensures longevity and can withstand the demands of busy warehouse environments.

This series is perfect for industrial applications where durability and load capacity are critical. It provides a reliable solution for heavy items and bulk storage, ensuring that your warehouse operations remain efficient and organised.


Widespan Shelving WS2000
The WS2000 series offers a more cost-effective solution without compromising on quality and performance. Key features include:

**Versatility**: Ideal for medium to light-duty storage, the WS2000 uniquely shares the same frame design as our popular MultiPlus shelving
and can be used in various settings, including retail, office storage, and workshops.
**Easy Assembly**: The WS2000 is designed for straightforward assembly, minimising downtime and installation costs
- **Adjustable Shelves** With either steel or chipboard shelf panels the WS2000 wide span system allows for shelf height adjustments, making it adaptable to different storage requirements.

The WS2000 is an excellent choice for businesses looking to optimise their storage space while maintaining a budget-friendly approach. It’s suitable for a wide range of applications, from storing tools and parts to office supplies.

WS2000-StahlboŐądenWS-MP Combi Shelving Run

Why Choose Our Wide Span Shelving?
Our wide span shelving systems are designed with your operational efficiency in mind. Here’s why they stand out:

**Customisable Solutions**: Both the WS3000 and WS2000 series offer adjustable shelving to fit a variety of items, ensuring a tailored storage solution.
**Durability**: Built to last, our shelving systems are made from robust materials that can withstand heavy use over time.
**Ease of Use**: With easy assembly and adjustability, our shelving units provide a user-friendly experience, reducing setup times and enhancing productivity.

Whether you need heavy-duty shelving for industrial use or versatile storage for a smaller setup, our wide span shelving systems cater to all your needs. Optimise your storage space with Schulte's reliable and efficient shelving solutions.

For more detailed information and to explore our full range of shelving options, contact us today to discover how our products can transform your storage capabilities.