Racking and Shelving Products Storage Solutions for the Warehouse

Racking and Shelving Products

A product category featuring all you need to equip your Warehouse and Stores with
the best in racking and shelving products.
Proven quality Racking and Shelving, essential for
efficient space saving storage of pallets and goods.
Racking and Shelving for Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Logistics Distribution, and Educational Sectors.

New and approved Pallet Racking and Shelving Systems,
manufactured in Europe to controlled standards; providing the approved
benefit of recognised design, and rack safety vital in todays workplace.

Buy Schulte Racking and Shelving at Systems Design and benefit from:
Storage Systems manufactured for continuity and availability for years to come,
Approved safe construction and design from a long standing and supportive manufacturing base.
Reliable service and product quality to equip your warehouse and stores
with products thoughtfully selected and fit for purpose.

Pallet Racking with tested weight loadings and designs to approved EN standards.

Award winning Shelving with GS and RAL approval, superior core materials, long product guarantees.
Industrial Shelving made to a high standard with long term professional users in mind
and a 10 year availability programme on the MultiPlus Shelving system.

A wide range of stock sizes readily available via quick lead times on may Schulte Storage Products:

Pallet Racking Systems
Industrial Shelving
Boltless Storage Shelving
High Bay Shelving
Steel Shelving
Office shelving
Archive Shelving
Heavy Duty Shelving
Longspan Shelving
Widespan Shelving
Cantilever Racking
Kan-Ban Shelving
Garment Storage Shelving
Pigeon Hole Shelving
Parts Bins Storage Racks

and more.

Racking and Shelving for tomorrow and the future, and not just the cheapest price!